Sample List Of Items That Can Be Donated
To Our IRS Tax Exempt Organization

This is only a partial list of the items that we can handle. Almost anything that can be resold by the organization can be considered:

  • Airplanes, almost any size, and in almost any location. We can handle the paper work for transferring the title and aircraft. Suggest sending us the following information and if available, documentation:
    • Aircraft registration.
    • Name in which the aircraft is registered.
    • Aircraft owner's certificate.
    • Aircraft "N" number.
    • Where aircraft is located and who to contact to obtain physical custody.
    • Log books and any related papers.
    • Date of last annual.

  • Automobiles, recreation vehicles, trucks, etc. The vehicle should have a market value of at least $5,000 for us to arrange for out-of-town donation. The following information or documentation would help expedite the donation.
    • Registration certificate.   
    • Owner's certificate.
    • Where the vehicle is located and who to contact to obtain physical custody.
    • Condition of vehicle. Is it drivable?

  • Real estate. Almost any type of real estate can be accepted, including land, lots, or income-producing if it has an equity in it and especially if it is income-producing. Information and documentation that would assist the donation:
    • Copy of last deed for us to copy to prepare the property transfer (unless grant deed is being sent to us).
    • Type of property (land; lots; income-producing property with information on loan balances, monthly payments, gross income, net income, and other details).

  • Mortgages/notes. Send the mortgage papers along with transfer to Ombudsmen To Promote Government Integrity.

  • Checks. Make them out to Ombudsmen To Promote Government Integrity.

Remember, you take top-dollar or top-blue book tax deduction for your donated airplane, vehicle, or other item, even though you could sell it for much less in the time remaining. When holding costs, advertising, insurance, brokerage costs are figured in, you may be financially better off donating it, and you will be helping to focus attention at a very serious national problem that really no one has effectively addressed.