Ombudsmen To Promote Government Integrity

(A non-profit Nevada Corporation under IRS 501(c) (3)code)

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The purpose of this organization is to inform and educate as many people as possible of serious misconduct in the various federal offices that affects people at the local, state, and federal levels, and to use this information in such a way to protect against corruption in government and the legal and constitutional remedies to deal with this problem. The organization's efforts efforts will include:

Investigate and publicize corruption in the federal government that adversely affects individual and all Americans and continues to inflict great harm upon the internal security of the United States.

Inform the public of this corruption, as a form of private ombudsmen, through mainstream media publications and through books. In this way we hope to circumvent media cover ups.

Seek to motivate people who have the capability to exercise their abilities to expose and correct these matters.

Protect as many people as possible from the effects of corruption in government by educating them to the tactics being used.

By informing the people, bringing about the release from prison of many of the men and women who have been either falsely charged with drug or other non-violent offenses and those who have been sentenced to outrageously long prison sentences for drug offenses that don't justify such draconian punishment.

Inform the public about corrupt judges at the state and federal levels and to consider legislation eliminating self-serving judicial immunity.

Inform the public of drug smuggling by people in control of the CIA and other government entities and secret operations.

Inform the public about the cover-ups of these criminal activities 

Inform the public of the practice of government agents and government informants making false charges or greatly out-of-proportion prison sentences relating to the drug problems arising from government prosecutors and government informants who profit from putting men and women in prison.

Inform the public of the rampant corruption in the nationís bankruptcy courts involving federal judges, trustees and law firms that financially and personally destroys thousands of people each year.

The director of the non-profit organization is former federal investigator Rodney Stich, the author of several books detailing corruption in government and its tragic effect upon innocent people. He has spent over 30 years using the funds from his original $10 million estate to carry out these functions. These funds were taken from him by corrupt judges as part of a scheme initiated by a CIA-front law firm in San Francisco. He now needs your help to continue the fight. 

The ability to bring about these urgently needed changes comes from the knowledge acquired by present and former government insiders, including former agents of the FBI, DEA, Customs, Secret Service, and other agencies, and include former heads of secret CIA airlines and secret CIA financial operations. Possibly never again will such a courageous group be available to provide this type of help to the American people. Use it, support it, or lose it! Heading this group is former FAA inspector-investigator and crusader, Rodney Stich.