Further Information on
Potential Tax Benefits to Consider

This page provides further information on the tax benefits of contributing to the public-spirited organization known as Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government. This information should be confirmed by your tax advisor to determine how it affects your particular situation.

A Little-Recognized Advantage of Tax Deductible Donation

Here's another advantage to a tax-deductible donation. If you have an item that is hard to sell, or the realized money from a sale is far below the high-book value, it is possible that the tax-deduction of the high-book value would come close to the money received after a sale at a low price, minus the possible broker commission and money lost while holding the item. And the matter is almost immediate consummated. Simply make out the transfer papers and the deal is done.

For instance, an aircraft with a high book value of, for instance, $350,000, might require months to sell, and then sell for a low value. The money received, after all selling and holding deductions, could approach what could have been obtained in a quick, no-hassle, donation.

Advantages of Donating Stock
That has Appreciated in Value

As you know, stock that has appreciated in value since you acquired it will bring about a capital gain when it is sold. This capital gain is the difference between the price you paid for it and its current market  value. The percentage of tax that you pay on that gain depends upon your tax bracket and how long the stock has been held. If held over one year, the capital gain at the federal and state levels can be as very high. 

One way to avoid this capital gain is to donate the stock to a non-profit organization, like ours. You avoid the capital gains tax while claiming a charitable deduction for the stock's present market value. 

Here is an example: If you have stock with a current market value of $20,000, which you acquired several years earlier for $2,000, you would have to pay tax on $18,000 capital gains. But if you donated the stock to Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government, there would be no capital gain and you would have a $20,000 deduction for having donated it to a charitable organization. 

If you had sold that stock, and you were in, for instance, the  36 percent bracket, you would probably pay almost $6500 in taxes, reducing your net to $13,500. By donating the stock to our tax-deductible organization, you might reduce your taxes by as much as $7200.  The greater the appreciation of the stock from when you first purchased it, the greater is the tax advantage to you of donating the stock to our public-interest organization.

The value of stock donations are deductible up to thirty percent of your adjusted gross income, and if the value exceeds that amount, the excess can be carried forward for five years. 

Possible Double Benefit in Donating Stocks and Securities
That Have Increased in Value

Giving stocks and other securities that have appreciated in value doubles the tax benefits: the donors dodge the capital-gains tax and they can take a deduction for the full market value of the shares.

Donating Appreciated Property Other Than Stocks

It is possible that other property that has appreciated in value could provide similar tax benefits, including real estate, mutual funds, bonds, personal property such as cars,  motor homes, aircraft, and business interests. Again, your financial advisor can provide more details as to your particular situation.

How To Support Your Tax-Deductible Donation with the IRS

    Your itemized deduction on your federal income tax return can be accompanied with a receipt from our organization, which will be provided to you. We can either provide our estimate of its fair market value or your financial advisor can prepare this estimation. For contributions exceeding $500, IRS Form 8283 is included with your tax filing. Be sure that the donations are made out to Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government, whose address is P.O. Box 5, Alamo, CA 94507. If you sell the assets and then donate the proceeds to our organization, the tax benefits to you will be less. Therefore, be sure to transfer ownership directly to the organization.

Bequests Can Also Be Considered

In making a bequest through a will or living trust, our organization should be identified as Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government, with its address as PO Box 5, Alamo, CA 94507. The bequest can be a specific asset, a percentage of your estate, a certain amount of money, or a portion of the remaining estate. The wording that could be used includes the following examples:

"I give and bequeath 40 percent of my estate to the organization,  Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government, located at Post Office Box 5, Alamo, CA 94507."

"I give and bequeath $50,000 to the organization, Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government, located at Post Office Box 5, Alamo, CA 94507."

"I give and bequeath 500 shares of [name of stock] to the organization, Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government, located at Post Office Box 5, Alamo, CA 94507."

Advantages of a Charitable Bequest

How We Handle the Various Donations

When we are advised or receive evidence of the donations, we then act to obtain the maximum dollar value for carrying out our activities. For instance:

    Automobiles, motor homes, and similar vehicles: We will contact a dealer closest to where the vehicle is located and arrange to have it sold.

   Airplanes: We will contact an aircraft broker closest to where the plane is located and arrange for its sale. Also, the organization can use a modest size general aviation aircraft (including a single or twin-engine Beech, such as Twin Bonanza or Baron, etc.).

    Real estate: Upon receipt of the grant deed we will arrange to have it listed for sale, unless it is an income-producing property, which may be held for an extended period of time.

   We can accept almost any type of donation, as long as it doesn't eat!

Things To Consider

The director of the non-profit organization is former federal investigator Rodney Stich, the author of several books detailing corruption in government and its tragic effect upon innocent people. He has spent over 30 years using the funds from his original $10 million estate to carry out these functions. These funds were taken from him by corrupt judges as part of a scheme initiated by a CIA-front law firm in San Francisco. He now needs your help to continue the fight. 

Tax deductible assets which can be converted to money will help carry out the public-spirited work of this non-profit organization. Unlike most tax-deductible groups, donated assets or funds are not siphoned off to other agencies. All the funds go toward the organization's goal.  You will know that you are helping a group of courageous present and former government agents and other insiders to inform the public of what is being done to them by people who have seized control of key government offices and the courts.

Incorporated under the name of Ombudsmen To Promote Government Integrity, this non-profit Nevada Corporation has the tools and the determination to address these serious problems.

Donations should be made out to Ombudsmen To Promote Government Integrity, a Nevada Corporation. The address is Post Office Box 5, Alamo, CA 94507.

Transfer ownership to Ombudsmen To Promote Government Integrity, a Nevada corporation

We can be contacted at the following locations:

Phone: 925-944-1930

By fax: 925-295-1203

Email: donations@ombudsmen.org

To Convey Your Donation

For cars or motor homes, send us the signed pink slip or ownership transfer, the keys, and description of where it is located.

For real estate, send us the signed and notarized deeds, and description of the property. Or send us the deed showing the property in your name and we’ll make out the transfer papers.

For airplanes, send us the bill of sale, the airplane keys, the log books, and where the plane is located, and anyone we need to contact to take possession. (Or send us a copy of your old aircraft bill of sale and registration and we’ll make out the papers for you to sign.)

Upon receipt of the donation, we will send you back a receipt describing the item that you donated, which is then used for income tax purposes. If you wish, we can state our estimation of the value of the donated item.

If you wish to confirm the IRS tax status of the non-profit corporation, call the IRS at 877-829-5500, and tell the person who answers that you wish to determine the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status of Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government. They will ask for the Employer Identification number of that non-profit corporation, which is 88-0452955.    

Further information on tax benefits of donations to Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government, click here.

Another Way To Help The Cause and
Provide Yourself An Income

For those who cannot donate, but would like to assist the cause, consider soliciting tax-deductible donations in whatever legitimate manner you know of. The organization will pay ten percent of the realized funds from any donations that a person may bring about. This is far less than the sometimes 80 to 90 percent taken by professional fund-raising groups before the donations reach the organization for which the donation is intended. 

At the same time, the help of individuals in obtaining tax-deductible contributions increases the community participation in this very important endeavor. It increases the number of people working together to fight a meaningful battle against the arrogance and corruption in government. With the hard-hitting evidence the organization has acquired, changes can be forced rather than simply preaching to the "choir" as is usually the case with well-meaning people who don't realize they need evidence of hard-core corruption, and this is available and stated in the books authored by Rodney Stich for the past 40-plus years.

The person bringing about the donation helps himself or herself, helps to inform people who would like to make donations to such a worthy cause, and help the organization get funds to continue its work. 

If you are interested in helping in this manner, obtain the donations as outlined in this website and notify the organization that you are the party responsible for obtaining the donation. 

There Is No Known Similar
Public Spirited Tax Deductible Organization

This organization is composed of and has access to dozens of insiders, with direct insider information on corruption, much of which has never been made known to the public in a meaningful manner. Don't let this opportunity pass by. 

Tax-deductible assets which can be converted into money will help carry out the public-spirited work of this non-profit organization. Unlike most tax-deductible groups where most of the money often ends up with fund-raisers, these assets are used to carry out the goals of the organization. There is no other known non-profit organization that focuses on these abuses and subversive Trojan-Horse-like activities and which have the benefits of dozens of knowledgeable and courageous insiders seeking to bring relief to the past, present, and future victims.

 Ombudsmen To Promote Government Integrity is  a Nevada non-profit corporation under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Cash and non-cash donations are tax-deductible according to IRS regulations.