For cars or motor homes, send us the signed pink slip or ownership transfer, the keys, and description of where it is located.

For real estate, send us the signed and notarized deeds, and description of the property. Or send us the deed showing the property in your name and we’ll make out the transfer papers.

For airplanes, send us the bill of sale, the airplane keys, the logbooks, and where the plane is located, and anyone we need to contact to take possession. (Or send us a copy of your old aircraft bill of sale and registration and we’ll make out the papers for you to sign.)

Upon receipt of the donation, we will send you back a receipt describing the item that you donated, which is then used for income tax purposes. If you wish, we can state our estimation of the value of the donated item. Remember, you should consider using the high-book value for your tax-deductible donation, even though on a quick sale the price may be far lower. 

If you wish to confirm the IRS tax status of the non-profit corporation, call the IRS at 877-829-5500, and tell the person who answers that your wish to check on the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status of Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government. They will ask for the Employer Identification number of that non-profit corporation, which is 88-0452955.


Aircraft and automobile dealers can help our cause while they simultaneously help certain of their clients dispose of their aircraft or vehicle by a tax-deductible donation to our organization. The organization will then authorize the dealer to sell the aircraft and deduct the commission from the proceeds going to the non-profit organization. 

Remember, you take top-dollar or top-blue book tax deduction for your donated airplane, vehicle, or other item, even though you could sell it for much less in the time remaining. When holding costs, advertising, insurance, brokerage costs are figured in, you may be financially better off donating it, and you will be helping to focus attention at a very serious national problem that really no one has effectively addressed.